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The Spy (2019)
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I don’t care for some of his comedic movies, although his recent TV show was funny when it didn’t cross my gross-out line, lol, so I was pleasantly surprised at his serious acting skills. I watched this almost two weeks ago all in one sitting. Excellent mid-century biographical espionage series.

Elvis: That's the Way It Is (1970)
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5 stars. I haven’t seen this for many years. Thank you, uploaders.

Timecop (1997) S1 E7
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I wish I could visit MY grandmother when she was a young woman, too. She was a preacher’s wife, married in the 30s, and they ran the Hope Mission in Edmonton, AB. There is a homeless shelter house named after us there now. But one day she blurted out to me “I played drums in a jazz band.” They never went to dances, and she was always the church pianist, and no one in the family knew this drumming story until she told me when she was almost 80, lol. I bet she had some other secrets that would’ve been so much fun to learn. Why can’t time travel be real?

Timecop (1997) S1 E3
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America needs a time machine. That’d fix everything.

Timecop (1997) S1 E2
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It’s a cheesily acted and scripted show, even for 97/98, but I like time travel stories, and it was kind of cool that William Devane’s son played a younger version of his character. My gosh they look alike.

The Perfect Nanny (2001)
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More like Nutso Nanny, lol.

Stop-Loss (2008)
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Excellent movie. They’re like hostages. Sickening. Hurray for the red, white, and blue. 🤢🤮.

Nine (2009)
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I hate Broadway. Songs are written specifically for non-singers. Always awful. Especially Andrew Lloyd Webber 🤮. Awful. Even Cole Porter joked about his melodies requiring zero range. And I still know that Mamma Mia is the worst movie cast and made that I have ever suffered through, but then I actually love Abba. But this thing is now running a pretty close tie with MM for worst movie ever. Omg. This is awful. Run away from this. Save yourselves the agony. Such great talent in it; most of whom should never sing a note. Marion was actually the best singer of all of them, and she’s not even a singer. P.U. What a nightmare. 🤢🤮.

Anna (2019)
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Great spy action movie!

Paradise Hills (2019)
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That was quite different. A little Stepford-ish. But the costumes and settings were beautiful. And that Eiza González is absolutely gorgeous.

Strange But True (2019)
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Pretty good movie to watch once, but the title does not fit the story. And it’s not a very original or creative title at that.

Single in South Beach (2015)
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This is the movie that the lead actress and a female member of the film crew have both claimed they were subjected to sexual harassment, suggestively lewd comments, and when the actress didn’t comply, she was subjected to public humiliation by Kevin Sorbo, and he then had the director/writer write in an extra intimate scene. Both women are more than 30 years younger than him. I often wondered about stories I’d also heard when he filmed in Vancouver on Andromeda. I know one crew member who said she quit solely because of him. These stories all seem to align. His long suffering wife needs to open her eyes. The movie is quite bad, and the lead actresses’ character is an awful, shallow person, but I’m glad I got to see it. I used to like Sorbo during his Hercules days, until I started to hear about his overtly obnoxious behaviour and the fact that he’s clearly a fake Christian. The damage he’s doing to those of us who try very hard to be witnesses for Christlike behaviour is irreparable.

Hoarders (2009) S8 E1
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Yes, the posted synopsis is correct. I thought it must be a mistake. If you like this show, this is definitely one to watch. Your jaw will probably stay dropped-open for the entire episode in disbelief. She is a mice-pee and poop paper-hoarding slob who uses Depends instead of her toilet (and disposes of them in her bathtub), but she is terrified of germs, and she thinks putting things out in the sun will disinfect mice-pee objects. This one needs serious medication.

Hoarders (2009) S9 E6
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Oh my, those two new homeowners were so sweet and tried so hard for that stubborn hoarder. Such compassionate and patient young guys. A very emotional episode.

Hoarders (2009) S9 E3
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So often, these hoarders act like such ungrateful, spoiled babies. I understand that it’s a serious mental disorder, but they put rotting crap before loved ones and rotting crap before their own health and safety and they never make a living off their rotting, disgusting crap, and instead they only lose incredible amounts of money and often lose their rotting, crapped-up homes and their loved ones because of their penchant for collecting disgusting crap. People pooping and peeing in cups, no running toilets, taps, tubs, or showers, fridges full of life-ending science experiments, and they always treat their dogs and cats like garbage. Oh, the smell must be exactly what Hell smells like. One thing about this show, and I know I am not alone in this: nothing motivates me to clean and scrub my home like a couple of episodes of Hoarders (or, as I prefer to call it, Human Pigs Who Collect Every Kind of Waste). 🤢🤮

Bee Gees: In Our Own Time (2010)
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My first concert was the Bee Gees. I was just about 14, and my parents came because they liked them too, lol.

Africa: The Serengeti (1994)
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Oh wow! I saw this my first time at an IMAX when it came out. It was amazing on the massive screen.

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way (2019)
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Thank you for uploading these! Looking forward to E13.

Mrs Brown (1997)
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Excellent movie. A beautifully acted and wonderfully-shot film for those who appreciate that kind of thing.

The King's Whore (1990)
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I think my eyes are a bit too tired to watch an English movie dubbed in French with English subtitles, lol. I don’t mind subbed movies, but only when my eyes are alert and the actors are speaking their original language in their own voices.

Venom (2018)
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Venom, John Wick, Venom, John Wick…I need more badass/good guy action movies!

Good Boys (2019)
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This was filmed where I live. Like…I could see them from my building, lol.

90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days (2017) S3 E2
RoboPhone 0 points 1 month ago * (Contains Spoilers)

PLEASE use the Contains Spoilers, so you are not ruining it for everyone else!

Thank You!

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If I had not seen it in a trailer/preview or in a conversation on social media, I wouldn’t have written this. TLC posts so many pieces of the episodes on their Facebook and other pages, that I only write about what we have already seen anywhere online. Sometimes I think I’ve missed an episode as I read comments about a preview clip, only to find that the discussion is regarding an upcoming week’s episode based on a lengthy snippet of what TLC has posted all over the place. I cannot spoil what I haven’t yet seen. And I wrote this…before I watched Episode 2. I will try not to use the hundreds of almost unavoidable previews when I write anything from here on in, though. But please know that I never spoil. Not like the person who blurted out the entire ending to Avengers’ Endgame two days after it came out in the theatres. And then had hurt feelings when everyone asked her to take her comment down or use spoiler tags, lol. 😂

90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days (2017) S3 E2
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Darcey: “I’m not the same person [that I was when I perpetrated the Jesse “relationship” fiasco].”
Every Sentient Being Who is Familiar with Said Faisco: “That’s correct. You’re older and even more insecure and ridiculous.” 😂

What will [super hot, gorgeous, disinterested, and only in it for the money] Maria do when she goes to hawk that extra cheap 100% fake “diamond” ring Ceasar bought for her (that is, if she ever even shows up to meet him)? That is an episode all on its own.
Angela having a baby. 🤢 Possibly giving birth to her own grandchild. 😖 I started menopause at 48. Before that, I could get pregnant just by thinking naughty thoughts, but at 48, it was over. She can’t use her own old eggs. And the cost of her doing in vitro (especially in the US) is far more than her ultra-hideous redneck bumpkin dream wedding would be, lol. I also found myself wondering how she and her friend Dottie managed to fit into that itty bitty car… .😳

The George Michael guy whose name I can’t even remember isn’t that interesting, but in the name of all that is holy, he had better NOT give the out-of-his-league, stunning-looking, hot-headed Latin woman the second-hand ring. If she EVER finds out (and she will), he’ll probably wish he had died in a plane crash on the way to meet her. I don’t think it’s that bad, but she definitely will.
Little Miss Teen American Muslim convertee is just a dumb, stubborn child.
And FaceTime Filter Rebecca is just about as pathetic as Darcey. Doomed.
That is all.

The Hiding Place (1977)
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I saw this in 1975, at a theatre in Vancouver that one of the large Alliance churches had rented out. I was 10. It horrified and scared me. I had seen TV shows like Starsky and Hutch etc. where people get punched and shot, but knowing this was real was what made this so terrifying. I didn’t realize she was in her 50s, probably about my age now, when she was at the prison camp. I am pretty sure I could not survive that. I like WWII movies now, because I know who lost, and I like that. I was a bit nervous to see this again after over 40 years (?!), but I’m glad I did. Thank you for uploading this.

The Loudest Voice (2019) S1 E7
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I was hoping we’d see the big, fat, old, creepy, rotting, insane, narcissistic turd actually die, but this was still awesome. The makeup in this was also fantastic. Russell Crowe is so disgusting-looking here, and they got that bum-nose prosthetic on Sienna Miller’s face to perfectly match the real one on that silly woman she was playing. Sienna Miller is quite lovely, but they made sure they erased all traces of that loveliness from her face for this, and she did a terrific job in her mimicry and portrayal. It’s a good thing they moved those legal interviews to that other building. Who knows what horrific injustices would’ve continued if they hadn’t. Thank you, uploaders!

The Rat Pack (1998)
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This is a great movie. I haven’t seen it in a long, long time. Thank you, uploaders!

90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days (2017) S3 E1
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Ukrainian girl will only eventually show up if the producers talk her into it for fame/money. She’s been catfishing that dude for over four years (and over $40K). I mean, look at HER and look at HIM. Being a nice and good person doesn’t matter to her; only $$$ do. And Desperate Darcey will end up turning off her latest target with her, well, her whole desperately-annoying self. Meanwhile the Georgia lady will show up at the airport and her 20-years-younger Internet “date” (such an oxymoron; heavy on the “moron”) will think she’s sent her own mother to the airport instead of “the love of his life” 🤣🤣, because the filter she used on their video chats made her look like she was her own daughter (oh, beware, internet “daters”😂😂😂). And I don’t even know where to begin with midwestern All-American girl-turned to [her] flavour-of-the-moment religious experience with Islam going into the Death Zone that is Syria to marry a complete (and probably completely misogynistic) stranger. There is no end to the idiocy that desperation brings. Be happy with yourself. If you’re not, no one else can make you happy or will want to be with someone who doesn’t even like themselves. These are just my guesses.

These are all from the videoclips just on the show’s Facebook pages. Never mind the many lengthy pieces on youtube or TLC or any other Previews of this Episode on the Internet. Downvote away. I wrote this BEFORE watching Episode 1. That’s why they are my GUESSES! 😂😂😂

Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw (2019)
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Whoa! I love action movies, and this had amazing action. It’s, of course, not realistic, but I don’t care when I’m seeing stunts and fights like I saw here. I’ve never seen any of the Fast and Furious films, so I was a bit worried I’d be missing some necessary continuity, but that wasn’t the case at all. I personally really enjoyed this. And the cameos/appearances by Ryan Reynolds, Kevin Hart, and Helen Mirren were great. I like Iris Elba, and he played a great bad guy, as he also did in The Losers. Thank you, uploaders!

Another Life (2019)
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I’m trying to like this. I have Netflix and I’d saved it in my List, and I am finally giving it a watch today. I find the parts on earth with the music-playing entity thing more interesting than the space parts. Katee Sackhoff is a really bad actress, and I found that out last year after watching her in a movie about some entity that landed in Antarctica and which was mostly monologue acting/interacting with a computer voice. It was at best like watching a very bad high school play. When she was supposed to be reminiscing, it was so fake. And she’s really hard to look at. I never watched the remake of Battlestar Galactica, because I was a fan of the original series, and I actually read the book when I was 13, and Starbuck will only and always ever be Dirk Benedict, but I like space shows, and there’s really nothing out there right now except this, and I was hoping that she had gotten a bit better. And I’m going to give the fourth and fifth episode a chance, but I really hope I’m not going to continue to be disappointed and kind of creeped out just by her in general. I mean, a little bit of make up wouldn’t have hurt.

The Last Czars (2019)
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I have Netflix, so I watched it on there yesterday. This was a fantastic series. A beautifully-shot and well-acted historical drama with little slices of docu-history segments blended in. I almost had to do zero research to answer historical questions I had while watching it. Sometimes the movie portions in docu-dramas are too short, but this had nice, lengthy pieces of the story acted out with smaller spots of the experts spliced in. An excellent balance. They should all be done this way. I highly recommend this.

Preacher (2016)
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I kind of like this show. But I cannot stand Tulip. I’ve googled it a bit, and it seems I’m definitely not alone. I think it’s the actress. I think she’s a terrible actress and her “evil” is overdone and seems like such a put-on. And it makes her very unappealing. Ugly and uninteresting. She seems to be everywhere, so I might have to give up on this series. The wife in “Colony” had the same effect on me, and after I googled to see if I was alone in my hatred of both the character and the actress, in that case, I started to type in “Colony Katie stupid” and I got partway through “Katie” and google auto-completed the phrase for me because so many others had searched for or said the same thing 😂. I think that’s why it failed and why this show is one that few have heard of and many have given up on. Bad female co-stars. Really bad. Too bad.

Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1979)
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I heard they’re re-releasing this in theatres to celebrate the 40th anniversary of its original theatrical release. 40 years. Wow. No way. I saw this in the theatre by accident. We went to see Electric Horseman, but it had gone, and this was in its place. I was 14, and my twin best friends and I had been dropped off, so we were stuck there. This was the only other movie we hadn’t already seen, lol. We kind of laughed our way through it, since I had never been a Star Trek fan, and it just seemed so cheesy. But later, I married a baby boomer, and he is a Trekkie, and I learned to love the characters and the various series. It was Star Trek IV that eventuality won me over. I like anything about time travel. Electric Horseman is a great movie, but I’m glad I accidentally saw this iconic first movie when I did.

Every Secret Thing (2014)
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Eleven years old and they thought they could leave a baby overnight by itself? I was babysitting and had St. Johns’ infant and child CPR training at age 11. I mean, I can suspend disbelief for fantasy movies, but this isn’t supposed to be a fantasy. Extra stupid 11 year olds. Wtf. Btw, this is not a spoiler. We know who the young girls are who are convicted of the initial crime right away. That’s not the story. Just FYI. I love Diane Lane. She can play equally-well a funny, self-deprecating, personable character or an awful, self-righteous bitch. Thank you, uploaders.

Once Upon a Time ... in Hollywood (2019)
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Well, I thought this was very entertaining; especially the first and last thirds of the movie. I actually like watching cam versions sometimes because I can hear the in-theatre audience reacting, and boy, did they react to things in this movie. Thor Ragnarok cam version was another movie that I actually enjoyed watching. The ending was fantastic to this, and it was nice to see the real Sharon Tate in the scene in the movie with Dean Martin when the character, Sharon Tate, goes to the cinema to watch herself in that movie. Her murder happened 2 days after my 4th birthday, and I happened to overhear my parents talking about it, and I can’t forget it. The costumes, sets, and hairstyles were very accurate, and it was also bittersweet seeing the late Luke Perry. The Steve McQueen cameo by Damian Lewis was terrible, and they should’ve actually just left his hair alone instead of pouffing it up ridiculously like they did. He did a terrible impression of McQueen, and his lines were stupid. Brad Pitt and Leo DiCaprio had great chemistry, but sometimes the pit bull stole the show, lol. Especially at the end! Thank you SO much, uploaders. I was looking forward to this.

Hidden Potential (2018)
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I’m glad I saw your comment in the sidebar. I’d never heard of this show, and I think I might like it.

Poldark (2015)
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I guess he’s handsome…. if you like the perfect man kinda look… ahahaha… (some people cant be jealous without saying it):)

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Well, he is handsome. But he’s young. Just like Monica Bellucci is perfect, and she’s not that young, but I know beautiful things when I see them, and I appreciate them. I don’t know them personally, so I’m just looking at the shells. Albeit, they’re nice shells. Now, someone like Keanu Reeves just might be nice on the inside of the shell, too, but that’s just a guess.

Ghostbusters (2016)
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I know so many people hated this, but I just viewed it as a separate entity (no pun intended) from the others, which I love. I think Kate McKinnon is a scream, and I didn’t really know who she was when I watched this when it came out. And I thought Chris Hemsworth was hilarious with his glassless glasses and cat thing. I just like to laugh, and I like physical comedy, and I try to have an open mind when things get rebooted. It’s not like someone trying to cover an Elvis song or something, lol. It’s just comedy. Thank you, uploaders.

Poldark (2015)
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Lol. He’s so handsome.

Poldark (2015)
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…because delete won’t delete.

Poldark (2015)
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I made one comment. It posted three times. I look like a loon.

Stuber (2019)
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I thought it was pretty funny. Especially the driving scenes in the beginning. 😂 I used earphones, and the audio was fine; the video is dark, but steady, but there are some scraps cut out here and there. I’m still very grateful for the uploaded copy. Thank you, uploaders.

Boy Erased (2018)
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So many heartbreaking moments. I’m a Christian, and I find the whole idea of conversion therapy as absurd as Asshole Therapy. Oh, if only that therapy could actually work. How much better the world would be if we could rid it of the assholeness that is everywhere, and that is especially rampant in the news headlines everyday right now. I just noticed that they’d often part or hang up the phone without saying “I love you”. I never leave my son or end a conversation with him without telling him that, nor does he with either his dad or myself. You never know if it’s going to be the last time you see or speak with that person. The movie is very well done, and the information at the end about the head conversion therapist was not exactly surprising. I was surprised to see how much they got Russell and Nicole to look like the real parents, though. Thank you, uploaders.

The Loudest Voice (2019) S1 E3
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An evil bastard running his dirty little empire. I like Russell Crowe, but I can hardly look at him in this role. He’s doing such a great job channeling the fat, lying scumbag he’s playing to perfection. And Sienna Miller is blowing me away as his ridiculously ignorant wife. She’s nailed that hideous accent. Great series. Wish I could’ve waited and binge-watched it. Thank you, uploaders.

Yesterday (2019)
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This was an interesting fantasy. Kind of like a time travel movie. I like that idea. I was never a big Beatles’ fan, but I do recognize legends when I hear them, and if I had been a big Beatkes’ fan, there are some scenes in here that really would’ve made me choke up. In fact, I did get choked up a little bit, anyhow. I think it’s a very sweet movie, although the performer is pretty awful. I thought we were supposed to think he blew his first live concert, but it was supposed to have been a great success, and I and a few other musicians were the only ones laughing. I think if you love the Beatles and/or like time travel/alternate universe flicks, you might enjoy this.

Yesterday (2019)
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That’s weird, because pop music isn’t generally attributed to just one culture. The beginnings that are traced back to Elvis, Chuck Berry, Little Richard, etc., are from the American South, but it is a genre that has grown and been loved and played worldwide. It couldn’t be cultural appropriation. And furthermore, in the movie, the world has not had the benefit of the Beatles, so from the perspective of inside the movie, it isn’t even considered copyright infringement, lol. But as you say, you’re not a Liberal, so maybe that’s why you think you know what a !iberal would think. No matter what irrelevant political leanings someone has, they shouldn’t correlate one culture with pop music. Country music, maybe, but not rock or pop. Leave the politics out of music, please. Unless a song is specifically political, I think it ruins the music to taint it with someone’s political ignorance or wisdom.

Big Little Lies (2017) S1 E3
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I’m really trying to get into this show, but the ugly Polaroid-style colour filter they insist on using, awful worst of the 70s folk music, and just general almost overly esoteric weirdness is making it pretty damn tough. It’s really quite depressing.

Dance Moms (2011)
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There’s some confusion about which episodes go with which titles for Season 8:

0 The Return of Abby
1 Abby’s Big Comeback
2 Mommy Dearest
3 The Broadway Brat
4 Choose Wisely
5 Queen of ALDC
6 Lily’s Ultimatum
7 Yolanda’s Back
8 A Team on Trial

So, we are missing Episode 8, which aired July 9th. Thank you, uploaders!

Stuber (2019)
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Looking forward to this!

A Walk in the Clouds (1995)
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What a lovely movie. Thank you, uploaders.